Local Fire Alarm Company Vs. National: The Pros & Cons

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The local security companies (us included) are often overlooked because we can’t compete with big national companies to advertise and get your attention. Often when we talk to business owners, they were not aware local companies had the same if not better technology! 

We may be slightly biased, but we see first hand how big companies treat local business owners and their wallet. It’s not pretty. Together we will explore the pros and cons of choosing between a local security provider like ACS Fire & Security and the industry giants.

Pro of Major Alarm Company: 

One undeniable advantage of major alarm companies is their brand recognition. It’s easy to find reviews of their products and monitoring services online. However, this should actually help make your decision to stay away even easier! Look at multiple review websites and get a true sense of what people are saying about service, contracts, availability, and hidden fees. You will be surprised how often big national companies take advantage of small business owners once they have the system installed.

Con of Major Alarm Company: Reputation Discrepancy

While a major alarm company may have a strong national presence, the reputation of its local dealers can be quite different. To understand how a dealer operates in your area, you’ll need to delve into reviews specific to that dealer.

These local reviews might surprise you. Often, they reveal a stark contrast to the image portrayed in national advertising. From poorly designed services to inflexible contracts and pressure tactics, major alarm companies can disappoint at the local level.

Pros of Local Alarm Company: Community Investment

In contrast, local alarm companies like ACS Fire & Security tend to be deeply invested in the well-being of their customers and communities. They prioritize designing equipment that safeguards their customers and ensures monitoring services meet the highest standards. Furthermore, local companies often have established relationships with law enforcement and community organizations, enhancing their ability to protect their customers.

Are There Cons of a Local Alarm Company?

For established, reputable companies like ACS Fire & Security, there are usually no cons. With a legacy dating back to [Year], ACS Fire & Security exemplifies a local alarm company deeply committed to the security of Orlando and the surrounding communities. We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers above all else.

About ACS Fire & Security

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