Business Security Systems Orlando, FL

When it comes to your business or commercial building, keeping everything secured is a responsibility no one should take lightly.

Here at ACS Fire & Security, there are several security system options that we provide to put your mind at ease. For any business, big or small, these solutions are made to help protect your business.

We take great pride in creating and designing security systems in Orlando that offer our customers the highest level of protection and assurance. Not only are these security systems designed to offer safety, but they are also crafted to be flexible and easy to use.

Security Systems Orlando
Business Security Systems Orlando

Business Alarm Systems
Protect Your Business 24/7

Our security systems are very advanced, but they also offer beginning levels of protection that are very effective. This includes door, window, motion and glass break detectors. Whenever something out of the ordinary occurs within your business, you will be notified by our alarm monitoring services. Many security systems offer these basic features, but fail to yield optimal levels of protection, however, we offer even more security features that give you the peace of mind that you require.

Video Surveillance Systems

From established, reliable brands, our video surveillance products have effectively helped to fulfill the security needs of countless businesses throughout Central Florida. Our technicians are factory trained to install and program video surveillance products, both traditional DVR and new IP network-based systems.

Protect yourself by investing in a complete video surveillance system from ACS Fire & Security now.

Business Security Systems Orlando
Live Video Monitoring

Live Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring from ACS combines the power of intelligent video AI systems and alarm monitoring centers to create visual security services. If your property is not secured by our Visual Security system, then it’s time for an upgrade. The ACS Video Control Panel enhances your alarm monitoring services by providing you with real-time remote video monitoring. Live Video Monitoring is truly the most effective way of protecting property.

Protect Your Business, 24/7

Security alarm systems are your next line of defense against unwanted intruders and criminal activity. With ACS Fire & Security’s support, you can count on instant response should any of your alarms go off. Whether it’s breakage detectors, motion sensors, or door and window sensors going off, you can easily monitor where the intrusion takes place and take appropriate action.

Emergency Call Buttons

Sensors to Detect Water Leakage

Temperature Sensors for Fridges and Coolers

Detectors on Expensive Equipment or Products

The Ability to Arm or disarm your Security System from Any Location

Notification Features of Our Security Systems

Access Control Systems Orlando

Access Control Systems

If keeping things out or in is more your purpose, a good access control system will help you achieve that aim more easily. This way, you can control just who gets in and gets out from sensitive areas.

Fire Alarm Systems

Sometimes, your concern is more about protecting your staff and customers instead. Having a competent fire alarm system has to be top of your priorities. Automated alarms can get the word out in case of a fire, while automated fire suppression systems can help in getting things under control. This way, you can be sure the property, and more importantly, the people are kept safe before the help arrives.

ACS Fire Inspection Saving Plan

Don't Wait: Security is paramount. Get the securty you need - not just what you can afford!

Secure your costs

Enjoy at least 10% savings

No surprise inspection bills

Low Monthly Payment (billed with monitoring).

Stay NFPA72 fire code compliant

Why Do You Need a Security System?

A security system is beneficial in so many ways, but most importantly, it is all about protecting your interests before something bad happens. It may not always be apparent, but having a good security system can go a long way in ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Why Do You Need A Security System?


For instance, it can be both a deterrent to external as well as internal threats. Theft can occur due to criminals, but unfortunately sometimes, employees may be the perpetrators too.


Of course, you want to keep things safe. Without access, there is nothing others can do to cause you harm. By making sure there are no security loopholes, you are making life difficult for any potential criminal thinking of targeting your business. A good security system implemented by ACS Fire & Security will protect your business and commercial property well.


It is not just about your insurance premiums. Having a great security setup may result in lower insurance payments. It can also help keep you safe from fraudulent claims. With surveillance footage of everything happening in your business, you can protect yourself from such frivolous claims no matter what.

One Business Security App to Rule Them All.

With a single touch of the app, you can view live video, arm your security system, turn down your thermostat, shut the lights off and lock your doors. Your security should be one less thing to worry about.

Are DIY Security Devices Good Enough?

Are DIY Security Devices Good Enough?

While ACS Fire & Security provides great value for our customers, you might be tempted to take charge of things yourself. However, you are most certainly putting yourself at risk here.

Nothing you can put together is going to be as comprehensive and efficient as a professional security system. The money you save at the start might just go towards future loss due to lapses in security and protection.

Never take chances with DIY, trust the experts instead. With proper tools, support, and equipment, you are always in good hands with ACS Fire & Security.

Why Choose ACS?

Be entrusting your security needs to us, you will have less worries when it comes to protecting your business. We provide expert insights and help, complete with tailored solutions that will match your business’ needs.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line, and installation is fuss-free and professionally done by our staff. With a knowledgeable support team at your service, you can always count on us at all times, but especially in your times of need. Stop hesitating and give ACS Fire & Security a call now.

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"For over 23 years, ACS Fire & Security has helped us with our fire alarm, video surveillance and access control systems. ACS's team responds very quickly to all of our service requests and their technical team is great at solving any problems at hand. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great local alarm service provider."

Lee Cummings, Owner / Operator
Fitness CF

We Get To The Root Cause Of Your Issue.

Most fire alarm service providers in Central Florida are hard to reach and not available immediately in a urgent situation. Locally owned and operated for over two decades, ACS Fire & Security offers same day service and quick installation anywhere in metro Orlando, with comprehensive life safety solutions that secure your business from fire, theft, vandalism and more. We get to the root cause of your issue the first time, no patch work or bandaids!

Locally Owned & Operated

We live and work in the communities we protect. So we have first-hand knowledge of your neighborhood and local law enforcement.

Fast Response

Same day service in greater Orlando. Our fully certified technicians are background-checked and our licensed alarm system technicians satisfy all state and local requirements.

Competitive Rates

You won't find a better team that is more dedicated to your safety than ACS Fire & Security. We offer competitive rates and flexible financing options.

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