Fire Alarm Monitoring Orlando

What is fire alarm monitoring service?

Everyone’s familiar with smoke detectors and fire alarms, but what exactly is fire alarm monitoring service? A fire alarm monitoring service ensures the quickest path of action should your building ever have a fire. The fire monitor devices alert our company so we can get Orlando emergency personnel and firefighters to the building right away. If there’s an emergency contact for your building, such as a general manager, we will contact them.

Essentially, we monitor the fire alarm system within your building for you. Even when you’re offsite, we’re still overseeing your alarms, and making sure there aren’t any fires.

Business Fire Alarm Monitoring Orlando

24/7 Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire alarms are efficient and reliable ways to keep yourself and your property safe, as long as you maintain them properly. In commercial buildings, it’s important that you be up to building codes, and therefore it’s required to have a fire alarm system and a fire alarm monitoring service. This will also help when an emergency strikes and there is no one in the office. Whether you sell products, house people, or anything in between, the truth is that you are not always present at your building.

Should there be a commercial fire alarm when you’re away, a disaster could happen without anyone there to take action.

Unlike security systems, a fire alarm system doesn’t necessarily alert the fire department. Their main purpose is to let the building’s occupants know that there’s a fire, and they need to evacuate. This could mean irreparable damage to life and property.

Whether anyone’s in the building, a fire alarm monitoring service can make all the difference. You don’t need to worry if someone will call the fire department when you’re not there, the service takes care of it.

No matter what time of day, or what circumstance, our Orlando FL fire alarm monitoring service ensures the first responders know to go to your building right away.


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If you need peace of mind that you always have someone watching over your building, we’re the Orlando team you need. ACS Fire & Security has the experience and dedication that this field and technology requires. It’s more than just a profession to us. It’s our way of making a difference in Orlando FL. We watch over your building just like it’s our own.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our biggest priority is keeping an eye on your fire alarm systems. When a fire starts, it can quickly consume your property. We know your building is an investment, and it’s our job to make sure it’s protected. We have team members overseeing your fire alarms all day, every day. As soon as our systems detect a fire alarm, our team is there, driving the next, and most crucial, steps.

Most insurance companies also required that your fire alarm is monitored, regardless of the occupancy of your building.

We alert our local Orlando FL first responder as soon as there’s an alarm. Within moments, we notify the fire department so they they dispatch to your building to take care of any problems.

Fire Alarm Service

Without proper service, even the best fire alarm systems can fail at critical times. They need to be tested, and have their batteries replaced regularly. We understand that it can be a burden, and a difficult task to remember on top of everything else on your list.

Along with monitoring, we also offer fire alarm proactive service and test inspections. With this service, we can guarantee your system will be monitored and serviced should you encounter any issues. We can even with with your existing fire alarm system.

We’ll schedule the necessary regular inspections, replace batteries, and make sure they’re keeping your building safe. These inspections are also a requirement per NFPA72 and State of Florida codes.

Fire Alarm System Installation and Replacement

We know that fire alarm systems are one of the core safety standards of any building. Sometimes, your fire alarm system is outdated, or needs to be replaced. If you’ve taken over a building that doesn’t have one yet, that should be a top priority before you start anything else. Don’t worry, if it involves a fire alarm, we take care of it.

When you use our services, you don’t have to worry about whether we cover something related to your alarm systems. If you don’t have a fire alarm system installed, let us take care of it. We’ll advise you on the best, and most efficient fire alarm systems for both your building and your budget.

When we test and inspect your fire alarm systems, we’ll let you know what condition they’re in. Whether a fire alarm needs to be repaired, replaced, or if the entire system needs replacement, we’ll get you through it.

Fire alarm installation

Why Choose Our Fire Alarm Monitoring Service?

We’re committed to Orlando, and our Central Florida community’s safety. When you let us take care of your fire alarms and security systems, you know safety is our number 1 priority. Our team has the expertise and the commitment you need to know your building here in Orlando is in good hands.

Not sure if your building is up to code for Orlando fire protection? Contact us for a free quote today and let us keep your investments safe!


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Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring 24/7

No matter what time of day, or what circumstance, our Orlando FL fire alarm monitoring service ensures the first responders know to go to your building right away. This means that your business can be protected every day of the year, which will give you and your employees peace of mind.

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