Live Video Monitoring

With our virtual guard video monitoring service, your cameras promptly detect intruders on your property, triggering immediate intervention from us. We swiftly alert local authorities, preventing potential crimes before they happen.

Live Video Monitoring

Verify A Crime In Progress Within Seconds

Monitoring your surveillance video can be approached in various ways. Traditional video monitoring involves a reactive approach, where you manually check your cameras.

However, this method often lacks structure, leaving gaps in surveillance and mainly assisting in solving crimes after they occur. For a more effective strategy, we suggest our proactive video monitoring service.

Automated Assessment

Smartly analyze captured motion to differentiate between vehicles and individuals.

Real-time Notification

Alert our monitoring center in case the detected motion indicates suspicious human activity.

Activate Live Intervention

Activate response from our monitoring center, including live agent intervention through voice speaker warnings to the intruder.

The Ultimate Alternative for Live Guards

Police take video-verified threats very seriously. Response times are often faster for these prioritized calls.

The service is more affordable than hiring live security guards, and often more reliable.

Unlike traditional video monitoring, our proactive service connects to the dispatcher without requiring you to verify the event. This saves precious minutes.

The service can be assigned to specific areas of your property, during the hours you determine.

Ultimate Alternative for Live Guards
Video Alarm Monitoring

Intelligent Video AI Systems

Video Monitoring from ACS combines the power of intelligent video AI systems and alarm monitoring centers to create visual security services. If your property is not secured by our Visual Security system, then it’s time for an upgrade. The ACS Video Control Panel enhances your alarm monitoring services by providing you with real-time remote video monitoring. Live Video Monitoring is truly the most effective way of protecting property.

Protect Your Business, 24/7 with Live Video Monitoring

Our video monitoring service is a proactive and versatile solution for enhancing security across various environments. By enabling real-time surveillance and response capabilities, it helps to deter threats, mitigate risks, and ensure the safety and protection of people and assets.

Protect Your Business 24/7 with Live Video Monitoring

Why Choose ACS?

Be entrusting your security needs to us, you will have less worries when it comes to protecting your business. We provide expert insights and help, complete with tailored solutions that will match your business’ needs.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line, and installation is fuss-free and professionally done by our staff. With a knowledgeable support team at your service, you can always count on us at all times, but especially in your times of need. Stop hesitating and give ACS Fire & Security a call now.


Real 5-Star Google Reviews

"Choosing ACS Fire & Security for our security system was a crucial decision for my small business. They were the only company to offer a video verified security solution to give us faster police response, extra peace of mind. Their AI technology combined with outstanding customer service team makes them a top recommendation for any business seeking modern security solutions."

Jim Kucik, BodEnvy, Owner/Operator

Real-Time Protection: Transform Your Security with Live Video Monitoring.

With our virtual guard video monitoring service, your cameras can swiftly detect intruders on your property, prompting immediate intervention from us and alerting local authorities to prevent potential crimes.

Locally Owned & Operated

We live and work in the communities we protect. So we have first-hand knowledge of your neighborhood and local law enforcement.

Fast Response

Same day service in greater Orlando. Our fully certified technicians are background-checked and our licensed alarm system technicians satisfy all state and local requirements.

Competitive Rates

You won't find a better team that is more dedicated to your safety than ACS Fire & Security. We offer competitive rates and flexible financing options.

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