Fire Alarm Design & Installation

ACS Fire & Security provides industry leading fire alarm installation and service. Our fire alarm systems are custom designed to be easily integrated into any facility. Whatever your need, ACS Fire & Security can offer you a fire alarm solution. We have designed, installed and serviced fire alarms in everything from large manufacturing facilities with multiple sites to small daycares. Should the need arise, ACS Fire & Security has a life safety system solution that is ideal for you.

Fire alarm design and installation

Custom Fire Alarm Solutions for Your Business

When you are looking for the leading provider of wide ranging fire alarm systems, it’s important to take advantage of the skill and expertise of an industry leader. ACS Fire & Security provides custom security services that are specifically designed to give you the protection and safety that you depend on.

Fire alarm installation services that are provided can offer optimal levels of protection to establishments, businesses and locations of all sizes. There are a multitude of codes and laws to consider when designing and installing life safety/fire alarm systems.  We will make sure your fire alarm system passes all inspections, is code compliant and ultimately makes your business a safer place. ACS Fire & Security offers all the services associated with fire alarm installation, use and notification. This makes ACS the leading fire alarm system provider in Orlando and all across Florida.

Fire alarm business solutions

ACS Fire Inspection Saving Plan

Don't Wait: Security is paramount. Get the securty you need - not just what you can afford!

Secure your costs

Enjoy at least 10% savings

No surprise inspection bills

Low Monthly Payment (billed with monitoring).

Stay NFPA72 fire code compliant

Maximize Safety and Minimize Risk: Prioritize Fire Alarm Service

The importance of fire alarm inspection and service cannot be overstated when it comes to safeguarding lives, property and livelihoods. Here's why:

Early Detection Saves Lives

Regular inspections ensure that these systems are functioning optimally, increasing the likelihood of early detection and swift response, which can significantly reduce casualties and injuries.

Property Protection

A well-maintained fire alarm system can help minimize property damage by alerting occupants and emergency services promptly, allowing for timely intervention to contain the fire.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your fire alarm system is regularly inspected and well-maintained provides peave of mind for building occupants, property owners, and managers.

Business Continuity

Regular fire alarm inspections and service help mitigate this risk by ensuring uninterrupted protection and minimizing downtime.

Orlando Fire Alarm Installation

Years of Experience & Dedication
Installing Commercial Fire Systems

ACS Fire & Security’s fire alarm systems are designed to not only meet current life safety codes, but more importantly, they are built to protect your business and even save lives. Security requirements for today’s businesses are stricter than ever, and this requires experience and expertise that can only be attained by hiring the very best in the fire alarm and life safety business. ACS Fire & Security’s fire alarm systems offer many features that other companies simply don’t consider. Not only do our fire systems notify you of when they detect fire or smoke, but they can also warn you in the event of carbon monoxide detection.

ACS’s fire systems can even be designed to offer you public notification, and of course with monitoring can be used to notify the emergency responders in your area. As an actual certified distributor of fire alarms, you can be assured that all of our systems are installed with highest level of attention to detail. Our fire alarm systems are ideal for both small businesses and large corporations. Customization options are also available for businesses that need distinct fire alarm systems. Whatever your fire alarm needs, your mind can be set at ease. Whether you need a fire system in Orlando or almost anywhere in the state of Florida, ACS Fire & Security is your answer.

24/ Professional Fire Alarm Monitoring

What makes our fire alarm systems stand out are the 24/7 monitoring services that are also provided. This means that your business can be protected every day of the year, which will give you and your employees peace of mind. We have monitoring centers that employ only trained and qualified professionals that are available at all times to help serve you. This level of monitoring protection is what makes ACS Fire & Security stand out from the competition. This will ensure that your business is always protected, because you never know when a disaster or emergency will arise. Call us today to learn more information about the services provided ACS Fire & Security or to speak with a professional that can help you maneuver through this often complex industry. Rest easy. We’ll do all the heavy lifting!

Fire Alarm Monitoring for your Business

Real 5-Star Google Reviews

"Choosing ACS Fire & Security for our security system was a crucial decision for my small business. They were the only company to offer a video verified security solution to give us faster police response, extra peace of mind. Their AI technology combined with outstanding customer service team makes them a top recommendation for any business seeking modern security solutions."

Jim Kucik, BodEnvy, Owner/Operator

Professional Fire Alarm Design & Installation.

Our fire alarm systems are custom designed to be easily integrated into any facility built in the USA. Whatever your need, ACS Fire & Security can offer you a fire alarm solution.

Locally Owned & Operated

We live and work in the communities we protect. So we have first-hand knowledge of your neighborhood and local law enforcement.

Fast Response

Same day service in greater Orlando. Our fully certified technicians are background-checked and our licensed alarm system technicians satisfy all state and local requirements.

Competitive Rates

You won't find a better team that is more dedicated to your safety than ACS Fire & Security. We offer competitive rates and flexible financing options.

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