When Is Fire Alarm Monitoring Required?

When Is Fire Alarm Monitoring Required?

If you are already aware of how fire alarm monitoring works and how it protects your commercial property and its occupants, then you are on the right track. The next important step is to know when fire alarm monitoring is required.

Fire alarm monitoring is an essential part of a comprehensive fire alarm system that will alert you of any fire-related emergencies. This will help evacuate everyone inside of the building until the fire-related situation is resolved.

When Is Fire Alarm Monitoring Required?

Occupancy Classification

There are many conditions which make fire alarm monitoring a requirement. One of the most critical conditions is the occupancy classification of the building you are setting the system up for.

This will usually depend on the jurisdiction of your local authority and will likely be different for each building. Different occupancy classifications will require different fire alarm monitoring methods, so it is always best to go ahead and determine which kind you will need based on that information. Many of the main requirements that are based on occupancy classification can be found in NFPA 101.

Protection from Property Damage and Keeping Occupants Safe

Having a reliable fire alarm monitoring system set in place for your building will help protect the occupants from getting hurt. It will protect your commercial building from property damage resulting from fire emergencies with the detection of trace amounts of smoke.

In fact, these are some of the most crucial reasons to have a fire alarm system set up in your building in the first place. Fire prevention and protection for the building makes for a safe environment and a fast response time from the proper authorities.

Protection from property damage will keep the building standing strong and reduce the chance of future emergencies from occurring.

It will also be beneficial to train the occupants of the building on how to monitor and operate a professionally installed fire alarm system in order to ensure that they can prepare themselves in case of emergencies. They should know all of the escape routes from the building when the alarm detects smoke in the air and take those routes to safety.

With around-the-clock protection from your fire alarm system and proper instructions given to other occupants in the building, everyone will be safe and the fire department will be contacted as soon as possible.


You need fire alarm monitoring Orlando to keep your building under a 24-hour watch for fire related emergencies. The fire alarm will let everyone know that they need to evacuate to avoid danger from smoke and fire while you and the proper authorities will be notified almost instantly. The faster the Fire Department can get to your property, the lesser damage there will be to your building.

Since you can’t be present all the time, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property and its occupants will be safe with fire alarm monitoring.

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