What is Access Control and Why It Can Benefit Your Business

What is Access Control and Why It Can Benefit Your Business

Security is an incredibly important factor – especially for companies and business. While this can apply to people visiting a building, this also applies to the personnel working in a building or site. To cover all their bases and for accountability, Orlando security system installers advise companies to utilize numerous security features. One security feature in particular is called “access control.”

What is Access Control?

Access control is a system that regulates and monitors where people are allowed to go. Large companies utilize access control as a way to make sure that only people with the proper authorization can access certain sites or premises.

There are several ways companies can utilize access control.

Key Fob/Access Card

A key fob or an access card is one of the simplest forms of access control. This is a relatively effective form of access control as it is easy to implement.

While some companies provide an entirely different key fob or access card, some companies integrate access cards into the employees’ IDs. With a little piece of tech that can hold information such as an RFID chip, companies can easily give and take away access to certain individuals while having the ability to monitor their usage.

Pin Code

A pin code is another form of access control that is easy to implement. The utilization of a pin code is essentially the same as a door and key – with the key simply replaced with a keypad. Some keypads can have one access code, while some keypads can accept pin codes that are unique to each employee.

Having unique codes to each employee is another easy way to regulate and monitor access as the security system will be able to know when these specific pin codes were used.

Pin codes and keypads have some advantages. The main advantage of this type of access control is that it doesn’t rely on any physical object. This means that people don’t have to carry anything with them that they might accidentally forget.

Biometric Device

Instead of unique information such as an individualized pin code, some companies use another form of access control that uses an individual’s unique physical traits – biometrics. Biometric devices scan certain parts of the body that are relatively unique to be able to identify an individual, thus deciding whether they are given access or not.

The most common biometric access control is through a fingerprint scan but biometric devices can also scan for face recognition, palm veins, and irises.

Biometrics are costly setups but are different from other types of access control as it does not rely on what an individual has or knows, but what they are.

Why It Can Benefit Your Business

Access control is one one of the many security features a business can utilize and yet it can provide your business with several benefits.

Restrict Access

One of the most important things access control does is restrict access to authorized personnel. This is especially important for rooms and floors that hold valuable assets such as valuables or information. Access restriction is especially important for large companies with too many floors and rooms to actively monitor.

Access restriction also makes sure that people are located where they should be. This makes it easier to spot suspicious activity from people with possible malicious intent.

Monitor Access

Another good reason to utilize a form of access control is for monitoring purposes. This is especially advantageous for accountability because if anything happens in a certain room or location, access control logs can be read to see which people were there when a scenario occurred.

Access monitoring is also an easy way to check employee attendance at the main entrance.

Increased Security

If the entire purpose of access control can be summarized, it can be said to increase security. With an access control system in place, the security of a building has significantly increased because access control provides restrictions and additional data.

A door equipped with a keypad is more secure than a regular door. Just by having access control, a room is essentially more secure.


Access control is an important facet for the security of an organization such as a business. Many systems have been developed for access control, and companies can benefit greatly from these systems in place.

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